Date, Date Range

Use Date Range when you need to input a specific time period, either static or dynamic.

Presentation State

Presentation Component

Utilize the bootstrap popover component. Apply the class .presentation-date-range as a hook for the date range popover.

Hover over the example to see the popover.

Last 30 Days to Date

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Last 30 Days to Date

Read Only State

Readonly Component

Apply the class .readonly to the bootstrap class .input-group, add the attribute readonly to the input field and add the attribute disabled to the button.

Readonly with Icon Component

Add the class .w-front-icon to the .input-group. Add icon markup before the input field with the class .input-icon to create an input field with icon.

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Editable State

Editable Component

Add .input-group-addon .btn-info at the end to create the info button.

Editable inside Dialog Component

Tap the calendar button to launch the dialog.

BootstrapDialog 3 Plugin

Dialogs utilize the plugin BootstrapDialog. Learn More


Dialogs utilize the plugin BootstrapDatepicker. Learn More

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